The Old Ligure Club
4799 Shattuck Avenue/Oakland, CA 94609

The Ligure Club in 1938
The Ligure Club house was built for an Italian American social club at 4799 Shattuck Avenue in 1938.  It had a spacious dance floor (auditorium), an extensive barroom, a kitchen and banquet hall on the basement level under the auditorium, an indoor bocce-ball court behind the auditorium, and numerous social amenities on the upper level.  With a number of mezzanines, bathrooms, and other rooms, the total floor area was approximately 21,000 square feet.

Photo of the Ligure Club in 1938

4799 Shattuck Avenue Today
The building was purchased in 1995 by John Givens as a residence for his family.  Today, the auditorium has become a music/media/banquet room, with wet bar.  The barroom has become a reception and meeting area.  The bocce-ball court has been given a concrete floor to become an expansive hobby and resource room   The main kitchen and dining area has been moved out of the basement level, which is now a game room, library, and lounge.  The upper level has been remodeled with living and sleeping quarters, including a spa and a kitchen

Photo of 4799 Shattuck Avenue Today

Street Scene

Floor Plan

Detail Drawings